Heirloom Flower Press Care and Maintenance

This hand made item invites you into an opportunity to get closer to your natural surroundings
while extended the beauty that comes and goes with the seasons. And, because
all the parts of your press are made from a natural substance like wood, it continues
to shrink and expand with its own changing seasons. Once what was tight may not
be, and once what was loose may feel slightly sticky.

If you notice that the posts, or uprights are spinning and have gotten loose, just retighten
the nut on the bottom of you press with a 7/16” socket wrench or needle nose

If you notice that the threaded screw has gotten harder to turn or squeaks some, just
apply a light coating of furniture oil polish (see below) with a soft cloth and that should
help. Apply this in the direction the grain or up and down the threaded dowel. This is a
safer, gentler way to approach the grain. If the squeak remains, it may be because of
humid conditions and seasonal changes. But also realize that wood on wood sometimes
may complain slightly and have some expressive sounds.

When using your press, the amount of presser needed to flatten your flower or leaf is
only a few turns until you start feeling some noticeable resistant. Do not turn the handle
until you find you can’t turn it anymore, like you would a lid on a jar, for instance. That is
too tight for this application. And because there is no metal and only wooden parts, you
can run the risk of breaking the handle. Flower pressing does not need a white knuckle

If you want to revitalize the natural oil and beeswax finish on your press, you can apply
a light coating of Parker and Bailey Lemon Oil Polish
(www.parkerbailey.com) or another
similar product. We highly recommend this product which can sometimes be purchased
at Ace Hardware stores or another store in your area. It is a wonderful product
to use on any of your non food related wooden items. Do not use synthetic polishes that
build up and have silicon in them. This does not feed the wood and lays only on the surface.

With all that said, may you enjoy this special tool and may it feed you and others, both
creatively and visually, for generations to come.