What's the best way to keep flowers from fading?
Moisture and sunlight are the reasons that pressed flowers lose their color. SInce we are in Maine, where summers can be humid, we take extra care to keep our flowers protected. First we fold them into wax paper envelopes, separated by type of flower or leaf.
wrapping pressed flowers
Then we place 2-4 of those envelopes into a large Ziploc bag, push air out and s
tools for pressed flowers
eal tight. Those bags go into watertight bins. We have one bin for flowers and one for leaves.
storage for pressed flowers
Be sure to store the bins in a closet or somewhere away from sunlight. The beautiful colors of pressed leaves and flowers will last for decades if properly stored and displayed away from direct light. If you are framing your work, use a UV protective plexiglas or archival glass. Acid free papers and glue will help too.

glue for pressed flowers
What's the best glue to use to make leaf pictures?
Some people like to use Titebond or Elmers Wood Glue and apply little dots of glue with a toothpick. Others like to use a thinned down Elmers or Sobo Craft glue and brush it on. Another favorite is Scotch Clear Glue. You can also experiment with other glues and some bookbinders' and scrap-bookers' favorites. We've found that a combination of these works nicely. See our slide show on How to make Leaf Pictures. After all your flowers are arranged and glued, carefully cover with a sheet of waxed paper and return to the press for a few days.

Know any good books on the subject?
A book on the basics: Pressed Flowers by Pamela Le Bailly
A book on preserving plants for botanical reasons: Collecting and Preserving Plants for Science and Pleasure by Ruth B. MacFarlane

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