Bog oak
The name “Heirloom Presses” came not only because of the commitment to making objects that are long lasting, but from the many years of working with wood and seeing its use and misuse. My generation of makers has witnessed the impact of logging on our world’s forest, especially, but not exclusively, the tropical woods. And since the main intent of the Presses is about preserving plant matter, the choice of using historical,* reclaimed or salvaged hardwoods for all the solid wood parts seemed like an ideal match. (see individual listings of current available choices).

The flattening surfaces of the Press are made from FSC certified birch plywood (Forest Stewardship Council) and is manufactured in the USA.

Finally, to assure the protection of these fine materials, the press is finished with a nontoxic oil finish produced by a company in New Brunswick, Canada and topped with their natural beeswax polish.

By purchasing any of these heirloom pieces, you are not only supporting the local Maine economy and a small company committed to its use of low impact materials, you are becoming part of a historic link between the materials, the craftsperson and the idea of preservation that can be handed down to future generations.

* Historical woods - Repurposing the use of historic trees needing to be removed as well as timbers removed from historical sites. This could include reclaimed sunken logs that have been preserved in a body of water or bog. about our Bog Oak presses | Our Moosehead Lake Press | Our "Herbie" Elm Press